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552/1, Vadsar Khatraj Road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Our goal

Providing best-in-class packaging solutions

Quality Control

Our Testing Techniques

GSM Tester

Paper grammage up to 300gm

Bursting Tester

Paper 15 kg/cm2 and Board BS up to 40 kg/cm2 (Linux)

Crush Tester

RCT of Paper and ECT,FCT, and PAT for Board

Cobb Tester

Cobb Value of Paper and Board

Moisture Meter

Moisture of Board

BC Test

Box Compression of Carton


Caliper of Board up to 12.7mm

Weighing machine

Box Weight up to 10 kg

Temperature Gun

Machine Temperature test up to 500 C

Quality Consistancy

Our pillars of Quality Control

Mirco-Level Testing

Micro-Level inspection at each level is done from production to delivery leaving no stones unturned

25 Years of Experience

With experience of years we have acquired expertise in manufacturing and providing packaging solutions

Qualified Executives

We house team of qualified and experienced executives hustling to provide best in quality products

Automated Plant

Consists 5 Ply Automatic Board Plant, 4 Color High Speed Flexo Printing & Slotting, High Speed Side Pasting Machine

Looking for packaging solutions ?

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High End Machines

Our Machineries

• 5 Ply Automatic Board Plant
• 4 Color High Speed Flexo Printing & Slotting
• Semi Auto Stitcher
• High Speed Side Pasting Machine

• Manual Corrugation Machine - 2 Line
• Manual Pasting Machine - 3 Line
• Manual Scoring Machine - 2 Line
• Single Color Flexo Printing & Slotting
• 4 Color Flexo Printing & Slotting
• High Speed Side Pasting Machine
• Manual Stitching Machine - 3 Set
• Paper Lamination Machine
• Bundling Machine - 5 Set
• Punching Machine

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